Open Innovation

To EDP Inovação, the best ideas do not have to arise within the company.

You may have the innovative idea we are looking for.


We believe that the best solutions to internal problems may come from outside the company.

If you like challenges, do not hesitate. Enter, send your proposals and participate in the discussion forums.


The Energy Sector is experiencing a revolution.

EDP Inovação, as well as other companies inside EDP Group, is actively participating in all this movements. Actually, we have ongoing projects, ranging from the electric mobility to smart grids, with special focus on cleantech production.


If you have a creative and innovative idea, whether concerning a new technology or a business proposal, EDP Inovação invites you to join this co-creation platform. This website is open to everyone and it will allow you and your company to interact with us and other members of this community.


During these last few years there has been a shift  in the way successful corporations innovate.

Previously, companies relied solely on their own R&D departments to develop new technologies and innovative procedures. However, this “in-house innovation” model has been challenged recently as several successful companies have systematically innovated by finding ideas, concepts or technologies outside their traditional boundaries.



Co-creation is about exchanging ideas, sharing knowledge and working together. To support this collaborative activity, nothing better than a social network platform. Here, you will find people and companies, discussing and working on relevant themes to the Energy Sector, namely:

  • Smart Grids 
  • Electric Mobility
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Offshore Energy
  • Solar Energy 
  • Proccesses & IT

Sign up and participate!


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